At Advent, our vision IS our mission: Saved by God's grace, renewed through word and sacrament, we are sent as disciples to share the Gospel of Jesus.  Our guiding principles are used to guide all decisions made by the people of Advent as we move forward with our faith.  With Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior: 

  • We believe salvation is a gift from God, available to everyone
  • We strengthen our faith as we develop our discipleship
  • We are good stewards of all that God provides us
  • We serve the needs of each other, our community and our world
  • We follow God's will, not our own. 

We exercise these beliefs through worship, through service in and beyond our community, and through faith development.  


The Lutheran Church celebrates two sacraments - Holy Baptism and Holy Communion.  In each sacrament, we receive God's gifts in concrete form.  We hear God's promise, we acknowledge Jesus's words of comman, we feel, we taste, we are touched by God's amazing grace.  Holy Baptism is the one-time sacrament that brings un into the Church and connects our lives with the Cross of Christ and the promise of everlasting life.  Holy Communion is the sacrament that we receive again and again, assuring us of the new life and forgiveness give by God that nurtures and sustains us. At Advent, we celebrate Holy Communion as part of our liturgy every Sunday.  

Looking for more information on what it means to be Lutheran?  Visit this page.