What to expect on a Sunday Morning

At Advent, we worship in the rich tradition of the Lutheran liturgy, because the liturgy (the work of the people) invites us into the depths of God's presence  as we actively participate in responsive prayer, liturgical song, and hymns. 

The music and hymns come primarily from Evangelical Lutheran Worship (ELW), the excellent hymnal that was published by the ELCA in 2006 as part of the "Renewing Worship" process. 

We celebrate Holy Communion at each Sunday morning worship service. Pastor Mark's preaching is based on one of the morning's Bible readings, bringing to life God's Word for us here and now.

You are invited to come as you are. Some dress up, many are more casual, all are welcomed.  

“HELLO. A message to our online worshipers.”



Sunday, March 26, 2023:  Fifth Sunday in Lent

See our Sunday Themes and Special Events page for details about the Sundays (and some weekdays) of the Church Year.  

Any worship services that are live-streamed or pre-recorded at our YouTube Channel are available to join, restart, or stream at your convenience any time after the start of the service.


Based on current CDC Covid-19 Community Levels and associated masking recommendations, here is Advent’s current masking policy for worship and events:

  • The wearing of masks is now optional in the church building for all worship services, meetings, and events.
  • At all levels, people are free to wear a mask based on personal preference, informed by personal level of risk. Please be considerate and respectful of those who choose to continue to wear masks.
  • While we continue our current policy of masks optional, we do invite more people, during this current increase in COVID cases, to consider temporarily returning to masks. This is especially helpful when in larger gatherings like our worship services.

We will continue to utilize other safety measures such as opening windows and running ventilation fans. And we will continue to offer the on-line worship service for those who may not yet be ready or able to attend in-person worship (or for any other reason in-person worship at that time may not be appropriate). We encourage anyone that is eligible to get the vaccine and we request that if you are sick that you refrain from attending any in-person service until you feel better.  

We will continue to evaluate our policies over the coming months and communicate any other changes if necessary. We thank you for your continued patience and understanding over the past two years plus as our faith community has had to adapt to doing things in creative and different ways.

If you have any questions, please contact Council President Steve Nevin (267-614-0406) or Pastor Mark (610-513-2096),

Winter and Spring Worship Schedule (January 8 through April 30, 2023; special schedule on Easter Sunday (April 9))

  • 8:30 am – Indoor Worship, in the SanctuaryThis service will be live-streamed for our online audience (Available to join, restart, or stream at your convenience any time after 8:30 at our YouTube Channel).

  • 9:30 am -- Fellowship Time -- In Fellowship Hall.  Doors will be open for those wishing to enjoy the summer weather (weather permitting, of course).

  • 9:45 am -- Education Hour – Indoors in classrooms. Fellowship Hall or the Sanctuary. Watch for details about any events to be moved outdoors, weather permitting.

  • 11:00 am – Indoor Worship, in the Sanctuary

Note for all Indoor events:  In accordance with current masking guidelines, to keep air circulating, windows may be open and the air conditioning or heat, as applicable, may be turned down (how far and how low will depend on the weather outside).  Please dress appropriately for a warmer or cooler than normal room!

In the event of inclement weather making the roads especially hazardous, or if the township declares a weather emergency, we may go "on-line only," either pre-recording or live-streaming the 8:30 am worship service (or whatever service was scheduled) with only participants present, which will be available at our YouTube Channel, and cancelling all in-person activities at the church.  Watch this page, our Home page, or our Facebook page for the latest announcements.  

For any Worship Service involving Communion, we have returned to using real bread and wine.  If you desire to commune with us but are not comfortable returning to bread and wine at this time,  communion packets containing a wafer and grape juice are available.  If you need a gluten-free optionindividually-wrapped wafers are also available.  Or, please feel free to bring your own communion elements (bread in some form, and wine or grape juice); you may bring them forward to be blessed before communing if you wish.

If the weather is nice (comfortable temperatures and no precipitation forecast), we may move some events outdoors!  Watch the Home page and this page for updates, and if it happens, please dress appropriately (Bundle up, or remember hats and sunscreen, as applicable) and come join us outside!  

Regarding Outdoor Events (Worship, Education or Other)

  • The parking lot or designated seating area will be marked where people may drive and which parts of the parking lot, if any, are reserved for the event.  Please respect the cones when driving in the parking lot.  

  • Masking is optional for indoor and outdoor events.  Please respect those who choose to continue to wear masks because of their personal risk level.

  • Please bring your own chairs or a blanket on which to sit at outdoor events.  If you cannot bring a chair, please contact the office in advance or an usher at the event; there will be plenty of chairs available.

  • If attending an Outdoor event, please remain in your vehicle if you are not feeling well, are experiencing any symptoms, or if you would like to be present but not sit outside. 

    There will be reserved parking spaces for those remaining in their vehicles; please inform the ushers if that is what you wish to do, and you will be directed to park in the reserved area.

    Outdoor worship services will be available on FM radio upon request (frequency will be announced at the start of the service).  Please call the Church Office in advance of the event or inform an usher when you arrive, so we can set up the transmitter. 

  • The Children's Sermon at Outdoor Worship services will often involve an opportunity to draw on the parking lot! Bring your own sidewalk chalk, or pick some up at church.  

  • Bulletins will be available, or you can print and bring your own (a link to the bulletin is included in our weekly email, or click HERE).  

  • Please dress for the weather for outdoor events.  This applies to both winter (Bundle up!) and summer (Hats and sunscreen!) as applicable. 

  • All Outdoor Activities are "weather permitting,meaning "not uncomfortably hot or cold, not precipitating, and neither in the forecast."  Watch the Home page, the top of this page, or our Facebook page for any weather-related changes or cancellations.  


All past worship services that were livestreamed during 2022 are now available for streaming at your convenience at our YouTube Channel.

Visit our Video and Audio Page for some special services, including Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve (both services), a special Christmas Day service "God's Downward Bent" provided by the  Southeastern PA Synod, in 2022, and the New Year's Day 2023 "The Name of Jesus" Service of Lessons and Carols.

Our services include the essentials of Lutheran worship: 

  • Gathering
  • Hearing of the Word
  • Sharing of the Meal, and
  • Sending of the Disciples

We are created to praise God - and so worship is our central and fundamental practice as a congregation.  

When we worship, the Spirit is gathering us together as a church. We enter into God's time. Through the Word and Sacrament of worship, God gives us nourishment to actively engage in ministries as followers of Jesus in our day-to-day lives.