You can glance at this list to see what’s up for this next Sunday, or read through for a sense of the flow and movement and meaning in our Sundays and seasons in the church.

DECEMBER 2021 (and January 2022)

The church season of CHRISTMAS

Traditionally, Christmas is 12 days (just like the song, but without all those gifts from my true love), from December 25 until the day of Epiphany in January.  This year, we began the Advent season two weeks earlier, which also provides two extra weeks to explore and celebrate Christmas.

     The color for the Christmas season is white, a color of light and joy and the color used for festivals of Christ.  The focus is on the incarnation - God entering into our skin and bones in Jesus.  This is Emmanuel - God with us.


CLOSE TO HOME” is our overarching theme in November and December.  It helps capture that “already but not yet” tension in our faith.  We are using a new set of resources from A Sanctified Art for worship themes, visual and poetic resources, devotional materials and children’s resources.

Sunday December 12 – The Second Sunday before Christmas, 8:30 and 11:00 am

8:30 service will be live-streamed.

CHOSEN HOME.  We transition from Advent proper to a Christmas focus, with Christmas carols and hymns, and a focus on the incarnation – God becoming flesh in Jesus. Our Bible story is about Jesus at age 12.  On this day, twelve-year old readers will help us grasp that reality – God in flesh, like us.  They will read about the 12-year old boy Jesus, who claims and takes up space in his “Father’s house,” choosing to dwell where God has chosen him to be.  Home is not necessarily a place, but where we find authentic belonging.  We need that.

Sunday December 19 – The Sunday before Christmas, 8:30 and 11:00 am

8:30 service will be live-streamed.

INVITED HOME.  There is no room for Mary and Joseph in the inn. They are displaced from their home, journeying to fulfill their civic requirements to be counted in the census. And yet, the time comes to give birth where they are, and so a humble home is found.  We will not read the full Christmas story from Luke, but end with a pregnant pause.  And we will be reminded that in many ways, Jesus is born without an invitation, and yet he devotes his life to inviting people who are cast out. As we prepare for Christmas Eve, we consider God’s invitation to be welcomed home.

Tuesday December 21 - Longest Night Service, 7:00 pm

Will be recorded and posted for later viewing.

A special evening service for those experiencing grief, loss, hurts or loneliness in this holiday season. Reflective, subdued lighting, a time to light candles in remembrance, a time for hope.

Friday December 24 – Christmas Eve Family Services, 2:30 or 4:30 pm

2:30 service will be live-streamed.

Child-friendly Christmas Eve service with narration, children’s roles, Christmas hymns, and holy communion. We will NOT have an extended prelude. To keep everything to an hour, the special music will be part of the service.

Friday December 24 – Christmas Eve Candlelight Service, 8:30 pm

Will be live-streamed.

Traditional evening service with Bible readings, preaching, Christmas hymns and holy communion. We will NOT have an extended prelude. To keep everything to an hour, the special music will be part of the service.

Saturday December 25 – Christmas Morning worship, 10:00 am

Will be live-streamed.

Come as you are. Bring the children. Pajamas and bathrobes are acceptable attire, for child and adult. Join for a quiet but joyful celebration of the Christmas message with readings, hymns, a message, and holy communion.

Sunday December 26 – Christmas Service of Lessons and Carols, 10:00 am

Will be live-streamed.

A traditional and simple service of readings, hymns, a children’s sermon, and holy communion.

Sunday January 2 – Epiphany worship, 10:00 am

Will be live-streamed.

HOME BY ANOTHER WAY. The story of Epiphany marks an end and the beginning. Leaving their home, the Wise Men embark on a journey, and see the Christ child. Warned in a dream about Herod’s evil intent, they make a bold choice to home by a different path. As our journey’s continue, we remember we must sometimes make bold choices to choose a different way.

All live-streamed services may be viewed real-time, joined in progress, restarted while in progress, or viewed at your convenience at our YouTube Channel. Services posted for later viewing may be viewed at your convenience after the service is finished.