Donations / Giving

Here are some ways you can give to Advent Lutheran and support our Ministries.

  • Envelopes

    Like most churches, Advent distributes offering envelopes annually to members. With the increasing use of Simply Giving and Online Donations (see below), members will only receive offering envelopes upon request. If you desire and have not received your envelopes for the current year please contact the church office. 

    With the continuing concerns regarding COVID-19, we are not passing the offering plates during worship.  For indoor services, plates will be placed on tables in the narthex on the way into or out of the sanctuary.  For outdoor services, buckets will be used (so the offering does not blow away!), again plainly marked along the way into and out of the parking lot.  In addition, offering envelopes and donations may be mailed to the church at the address below.

  • Simply Giving

    Simply Giving is a no-cost electronic funds transfer (EFT) that assists individuals and families in their financial giving by providing a regular and consistent giving method. Many Advent members are now using the Simply Giving program. 

    Out of town on Sunday? Other obligations keeping you from weekly worship? With Simply Giving there is no need to mail a check or dash to church with your offering envelope. Through Simply Giving your gift is withdrawn from your checking or savings account and deposited directly into the congregation's bank account on the same day. It's convenient, reliable, safe and confidential. 

    Benefits for you: 

    • Helps you respond intentionally to God's goodness
    • Provides consistency in your giving
    • Convenient - no need to worry about remembering your check or cash
    • Your giving occurs even if you are away
    • No need to make catch up contributions
    • No cost to you to utilize the program
    • Easy to change contribution amount or cancel giving through the program
    • You get to choose frequency of your giving (weekly, biweekly, monthly)
    Benefits for Advent: 
    • Assists in establishing a more responsible and realistic Annual Ministry Spending plan
    • Increased revenues through more consistent giving
    • Avoidance of "summer slump" through steady receipt of planned giving
    • More efficient and accurate bookkeeping
    • Advent ministry programs and community outreach are strengthened
    • Synod and ELCA benevolence support are strengthened
    To begin using Simply Giving please complete the Enrollment Authorization form. A copy is included on the reverse side of your Estimate of Giving form or can be printed using the link below. You decide the frequency of your automatic gift (weekly, semi-monthly or monthly) and you can increase or decrease your gift at any time. If you have additional questions, please contact the office at or 215-256-9941

  • online donations

    Thank you to all who have given through Simply Giving or who use offering envelopes. For anyone who wishes to give your regular offering(s) or a special gift, the link below provides the ability to give by credit card, one time or recurring. Click on it, and you will be guided to enter your credit card information just like any other online transaction, with Vanco's high security. Add a password and you can now give any time. For offerings, please select the general fund. Note: Please do NOT move current Simply Giving to credit cards. Credit cards cost us more (2.74%) than you get in frequent flier miles or other points.

    To give offerings or other donations by credit card, click here for Online Donation

  • Mail

    If you prefer, checks may be mailed to the Church office (Please do not mail cash!).  Here is the address: 

    Advent Lutheran Church

    470 Landis Road

    Harleysville, PA 19438